Optical Microscope

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microscopeAxioVision is a modular image-processing and analysis system for modern microscopy. The basic functions are image acquisition and microscope control, image processing and annotations, image analysis, grain analysis, documentation and configuration. The cameras are integrated seamlessly into the software, and you are able to generate complex images and image series with a simple mouse-click.The acquired image is immediately displayed on the monitor. It can then be optimized using a wide range of techniques:

  1. Contrast, brightness and color adjustment
  2. Noise suppression, smoothing and contour enhancement
  3. Sharpness enhancement/emphasizing of details
  4. Correction of illumination influences and white balance

We can also add any annotations that you may require to the images

The measured values (e.g. lengths, areas and angles) are made available in a data table, and can be processed further using spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel.

microscope_lensBesides the image itself, we can also save additional data, such as the image number, date of acquisition, microscope settings, exposure values, size and scale details, contrast procedures used etc.

The module Grains determines Grain sizes according to current international standards. There is a choice of three different modes: interactive, by means of a direct comparison with overlaid comparative images; semi-automatic intercept method, using various chord patterns and a fully automatic analysis, based on a reconstruction of even complex grain boundaries

Special features

  • improved optics with superb contrast and excellent resolution
  • forward-looking stand concept for upgradeability
  • innovative design for maximum stability and vibration-free work
  • automated functions for enhanced operating comfort
  • an integrated systems approach for digital imaging solutions giving you high quality reproducible results
  • grain analysis


  • microscope_zoomMagnifications up to 50X.
  • Capture images with the built in digital camera.
  • Measure grain size.
  • With dark field illumination technique, we can see the clear grain boundaries.
  • The results are analyzed graphically and can be printed in the form of a report.


  • Material Science.
  • Electro Chemistry.
  • Life Science.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Corrosion Analysis.

For more information please visit www.zeiss.de/AxioImager-mat