Automatic Grinder/Polisher


grinderLabpol 12 Auto Grinder/Polisher is an advanced design, in which polishing or grinding protocols can be created as a program by entering the required parameters on a keypad and then stored for future use.

The base cabinet contains the rotating platen which is driven by a powerful DC motor via a belt drive. This provides adequate torque for grinding 6 samples simultaneously. Platen size of 12" diameter fits onto the platen support. The sample holder is rotated at a constant speed by the head motor. An arrangement of 6 air cylinders is located around the rotating specimen holder shaft. The moving pistons in each air cylinder are fully extended by applying airline pressure and locate at the center point of each sample position. In this way each sample is individually loaded. Sample leveling is unnecessary and adaptors are used for a specific sample diameter, thereby reducing the tendency for the samples to tilt during polishing. The system is controlled by a logic controller and the inputs are via a keypad. We can program by scrolling through the parameters and entering values for a particular protocol.

grinder_handThe controlled application (or dosing) of diamond suspensions on a platen during polishing is an essential for reproducible polishing. Spray jets in each suspension are pressure activated. They are positioned over the platens and deliver drops of liquid at a frequency which has been electronically set. Magnetic stirrers can be optionally fitted under each bottle to keep the suspensions agitated to prevent agglomeration.





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